EDM, SQLServer, the Strange and Wonderful

After working with EDM from MS – specifically the 3.5 version on the Visual Studio 2008 designer, I’m impressed . . . but I did find a weird bug.  The EDM engine accepted a malformed table name with high-order bit ascii character in the table name.  Once it munched on this, it went bezerk causing all sorts of mischief.  I correct the table name, updated the model and removed the old entity and association from the model.  In its’ defense, EDM tried to tell me that there was problem – but I didn’t figure it out very quickly.  The table in question was named HostIPAddress, and  EDM mapped it to an Entity named ‘Host_IPAddress’.  Since I edited the table through the SqlServer graphical editor, the table looked just fine to me.  Once I looked at the SQL itself, it appeared that the table name was ‘Host IPAddress’ (note the space).    All is well now . . .

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